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Why Wechat Marketing

Wechat marketing has been dominant nowadays in China for companies, as Wechat has been the dominant platform with IM and even mobile Information/service portal for most of Chinese people. Among over 0.7 billion growing Wechat users globally, there are 0.5 billion Chinese users by 2015. Wechat has been ranked No.1 Social Apps in 27 countries. Since January 2011, Wechat has been a complete ecosystem changing social and economic behaviors in China in profound ways, instead of one simple IM.


We create interactive story-telling page that is easy to share and well accepted in Wechat. Hard-core advertisements are not welcome in social network, fun\beautiful\interactive content is the tea!


Weidian is the biggest WeChat e-commerce platform in China. Since it’s release on the 1st of January 2014, it grew to more than 29M shops spead accross the globe (in slightly more than a year, as of the 31st of March 2015).

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